This wiki has now 48 pages, which is good but bad at the same time.

When I first joined here, the wiki was extremely informal and people were only talking about themselves and just adding few things.

I also spotted that some people did vandalism here, chaging all edits made by people. Even I know people could restore all stuff it took a long time since other users could spot those bad things.

Of course, how to not talk about myself so users could know more about me?, this was also my real cause why I made a new account.

But looking at the extremely informal and unnecessary pages here I wanted to contribute more and more, too finally try to make this wiki more useful, but still in construction.

Why 48 pages is still bad?, we are talking about a page (Pouetpu-games) with a lot of features were new users cannot understand them when first joining.

This wiki needs at least the enough basic pages so users could know more about PG.

I wanted to make this job by myself, I don't get paid or something, but is still something difficult to write all about the page (and more with some bad english grammar I possibly have).

I want serious people to make serious works, but before releasing the page on Pouetpu-games page I want to be administrator so I could administrate all people works. This wiki can be edited by anyone, but since I know admins could ban those IP that did a vandalism I will be quite easier to make an useful wiki.

I hope Community Central Admins could give me the admin title here so finally work more on this wiki.

- G-Anaktigma (SkoplerVision)

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