Super Mr.Crackerpants Bros. 2: The Toasted Levels (or SMCB2:TTL for short) is the sequel to Super Mr.Crackerpants Bros., MrCrackerpant's first series on Pouetpu-Games. It is based off of Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels, made even harder than it's original game.


Princess Peach is kidnapped (as usual) by Bowser and Mario and Luigi go to save her. However, when going back to Crackerpants World, they find out everything there is harder than usual, and decide they need to up thier antie!

World 1: Plain PlainsEdit

SMCB2 1-1

World One of SMCB2

Mario/Luigi makes their way through these plains to get to Bowser's first fortress in the game. The first enemies they see are Goombas, Koopas and Para-Koopas, and Spinines, and encounter Power-Ups such as Mushrooms, Fire-Flowers, and Stars.

They fight thier way through the plains, capturing castles that Bowser has set up in order to claim Crackerpants World. Taking two of them, they finally calim the flag of the third area, entering Bowser's castle...


  • This is Mr.Crackerpant's favorite series out of all the series he has made so far.