Super Mario World Resurrected (SMWR) is a classic series for SMF2 created by 09dhowell. The series began on 7th September 2013 and ended on 31st May 2014 and has 9 Worlds and 56 Levels in it. The series received mostly very high rates and obtained over 2,300 total reviews/rates and counting, but sadly many of its levels were affected by a mass 127 fake rating rampage.

Worlds Edit

World 1: Land (Day)

World 2: Courtyard

World 3: Forest

World 4: Water

World 5: Desert

World 6: Land (Night)

World 7: Snow

World 8: Volcano

Key Hole Exits:

There is 1 Key Hole Exit per World in SMWR. Obtain a Key Hole Exit to unlock a course in World 9. For example, if you obtain the Key Hole Exit in World 1, you will unlock World 9-1 but you must have defeated Bowser in World 8-Final Castle in order to play World 9 courses.

  • World 1's KHE is in World 1-1 (Unlocks World 9-1)
  • World 2's KHE is in World 2-3 (Unlocks World 9-2)
  • World 3's KHE is in World 3-Ghost House (Unlocks World 9-3)
  • World 4's KHE is in World 4-Airship (Unlocks World 9-4)
  • World 5's KHE is in World 5-4 (Unlocks World 9-5)
  • World 6's KHE is in World 6-Castle (Unlocks World 9-6)
  • World 7's KHE is in World 7-2 (Unlocks World 9-7)
  • World 8's KHE is in World 8-1 (Unlocks World 9-8)

World 9: Various Themes

World 9-8

Reception Edit

Although it was affected by the fake rating rampage, the series received universal acclaim. Hundreds of users praised it scenery and classic gameplay. A minority of users including Lord Apoplexy, Zeldamaster12 and HA99 gave harsher rates.