Softendo, also known as "CapedMariok" is a 12 years old level maker and retired hack maker from Brazil.

First joined as CapedMariok in August 2013, but only did publish levels on December, and in this account, made only 3 levels, and due inactivity, in June 2014, Caped created another account called: "Softendo".

But due drama in December 2015, created another account called: "softendot".

Hacks Edit

Softendo is the user with most hacks ever made, and the youngest to make one, they are all in Chairo's SMF hack website. In January 2016, made the update to SMF: SMF v4.0, late then, he updated it again called: Super Mario Flash v4.0.1. Softendo retired from hack making after SMF v4.01's release.

His game Edit

Softendo started working on a game in May 2015, called "Super Mario Flash Custom", a SMF based game, but got cancelled in September .

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