Search user/level is a site feature developed by Pouetpu that was made for searching a specific level and/or user, being located at the top of any profile (including user's own profile) of Pouetpu-games. This feature, like the other ones also placed at the top of a profile, only appears if the user has an account on the site.

Functions Edit

When the user goes to this feature to search for a specific level/user, he/she will be redirected to a page divided into two main parts, being users' choice of what they want to search:

Search Levels/Users: The user must specify the name of what he/she wants to search and must change the type of search: Level or User.


Find Random Level: Only applied on levels, here the user can get fifteen random level submitted on all years, the user has to specify the level section he wants to consult (Best or good levels) and the game (SMF1 or SMF2)

Find Random Level