Pouetpu-games hierarchy

A virtual community is a term given, frequently on Internet, to a set of users registered on a website who share their opinions and actions like in a real community. On Pouetpu-games, this term is frequently known as: Pouetpu-games community or PG community.

The virtual community exists when two or more users register on a sharing social network and the users start to express their problems with others, solutions, provide their ideas, argue, discuss and employs different users' powers known as hierarchy, however the last one isn't too necessary to make this community.

On the site (Pouetpu-games) all members registered can leave their messages on other users' profiles, give their ideas about a level or a social problem to be discussed, their solutions with social actions to confront a common problem and to divide users' rights, providing moderators and official titles.

The PG community has increased so much that; because of Pouetpu's inactivity on the website, the users and principally moderators have changed several rules and rights of the website.

Hierarchy Edit

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Pouetpu-games is one of the common websites on Internet which implements different users' rights in order to maintain security and govern others.

The usage of a website hierarchy allows responsible people to respond at some virtual social problems the users have (such drama, fake-rates, bad actions made by users, etc.) and making the users to follow the Portal rules established by Pouetpu.

The website is divided into five forms of power: (seven if you count LOL Statii and Level Critic)

  • Webmaster: Creator and owner of the website, can make all important changes to the site and change everything he wants. His job also consists on listening at all global moderator and moderators complaints. Can promote and remove moderators, global moderators and has all the abilities of everyone listed below and than some.
  • Global moderator: Can still make some important changes on the website, however is limited in comparison with the Webmaster. Can change users' status, respond at all reports made, delete and/or move levels to another section, ban users, promote and remove moderators, post levels during intensive rating, warn users, change other users' profiles, etc. He can also make all normal users things.
  • Moderator: More limited in comparison with Global moderator, can still move or delete levels, ban users, respond at all reports made, warn users and post levels during intensive rating. They can also do everything a normal users can.
  • Users (including level critics): Are members that can do only the normal things, can rate/review levels, transform their profile, report a level or a user, etc. They can't do what moderators can.
  • Visitors: They can't do anything more than watching, playing levels and viewing users' profiles, until they register. They are not allowed to report a user, rate a level, change their profile (since they don't have one), etc.