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oomphalapompatronium (mostly just called oompha) is a well known user of Pouetpu-games who apparently joined in 2014. His name is based on the real musical instrument "oomphalapompatronium". This user has more than 30 levels and almost 100 F/fs.

oompha is mostly known by his creative hold levels: Hold Anything series (which counts with 3 levels) and Hold Right (Musical), being the first user who made this type of levels with a true combination between music and hold level.

He's also known by his report cards, in which he analyzes the users of Pouetpu-games level making ability on 5 factors. Scenery,Gameplay, Flawlessness, Flexibility and Creativity. However, he currently decided to stop making these reports for a small duration with his last report made for MB.

The user is in favor with scenery and thinks it's an essential part of a level, despite Pouetpu stating its not..