No html (literally, without html modifications) refers to a feature offered on Pouetpu-games that allows users registered on the website to check at another user's profile without loading some HTML codes employed by that user; in other words, refers to looking one profile without HTML tricks working.

The link can be found at the top of anyone's profile, except for ownself's profile.

Usage Edit

Since users of Pouetpu-games are allowed to use some HTML codes to make a dazzling profile (including images, banners, music, videos, links, etc.), the usage of those codes could be annoying for other users, or they also want to avoid some tricks the profile could have (such redirecting to other pages, the excesive load of codes that could make their browsers to load the page slow, trying to stop an annoying music, removing images that could be hiding some links, etc.).

So, in order to avoid those tricks, Pouetpu made this feature so users could finally look at one normal profile.

Action Edit

Once the link is clicked, instead of viewing a profile using codes to load images and other stuff, the user will be able to look at one profile without any other edit than Pouetpu-games normal HTML codes. The codes employed by the user will be shown at the profile description as if they weren't working.

For example: Instead of looking at a gif image featuring as background (uploaded by the user to be seen on his profile), the user will be able to look at the profile with the normal background of Pouetpu-games.

The "No html" feature can be only used for avoiding HTML codes inserted on the user's profile description, that means, the normal HTML codes employed for the website will stay.

Other HTML tricks employed for custom status and user's name (modified by 09dhowell) will be also shown even "No html" activated.

URL Edit

As said above, when a user clicks at the link given, the user will be redirected to the profile only showing at normal HTML usage by Popuetpu and 09dhowell.

For the user, this could appear to be only a refresh, but in reality, the URL is also changed, featuring the normal URL and adding another property: "&nohtml=1"

The code above is an attribute that allows "No html" to work, and this can also emplyed by guests who are looking at the user's profile and are haven't register to the website (typing it on the URL).

For example:

A normal page of Pouetpu can be shown as:

Using No html, or typing "&nohtml=1", the URL will be shown as: