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Mario Blight (also frequently called "MB") was the name of a Moderator and level maker on Pouetpu-games website, having more than 110 levels submitted and 500 F/F's

This user, besides of being recognized by his creative and unique levels and the support he gives to the site (helping as moderator), is also known by his HTML tricks on his profile, having him win the "Best profile" category of the 2014 PG Awards.

Mario Blight was the last moderator on the site, before stepping down, due to Pouetpu inactivity. He was later banned, and thus became mod at Level Palace.

Activity Edit

MB was nearly demoted as he could no longer monitor Pouetpu at one point, due to his parents taking away his source of technology as he was doing under average. However, he did get his CPU back in time and currently mods Pouetpu. He can also be found on and constantly.

He and Brendan are now the only remaining staff members on the site besides Pouetpu.

Level Palace Edit

He regained his role as moderator back at the Level Palace where he currently works on levels and his profile and is part of a clan owned by Carlos V. This is where he currently resides.

Trivia Edit

  • He is notable for not making levels all that much, although he is going to try to make levels more often in the future.
  • He is believed to be the youngest Moderator on Pouetpu.
  • He is notable for being the 2nd person on Pouetpu to offer music conversion services behind Froggie06855.