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Lord Apoplexy (frequently called LA) is a Pouetpu-games user and Level Critic who joined on 2012 (according to the first level submitted), being known as one of the best level makers and reviewers of the website.

LA is mostly recognized by his extremely difficult levels and by his creativity to make an amazing story for his series and others' series (like in Super Mario World Resurrected 2 with 09dhowell). On his stories, he frequently uses PG users as protagonists and antagonists. Though his levels are mostly really hard, he's never made a kaizo.

Creator of "Super Apoplexy World", "Super Apoplexy World 2", and "VS. Series", among other series.

This user also has a YouTube account with more than 2,000 subs.

History Edit

He is one of the famous users on Pouetpu-Games. Making one of the best storylines, challenges, level designs, etc.

When he began on Pouetpu-Games on December 2nd, 2012, he released his first level, Apoplexy Tanks - 1. It was positively received, and he went on to make more tank levels until he went on to making the series you all like today.

When he was working on Arc 1 of Super Apoplexy World, he had some trouble at first. But with some help from the other PG users, he got better, and better at making levels.

When he was done with Arc 1 of Super Apoplexy World, he decided to do a remake of Super Mario Bros. But instead of just Super Mario Bros., he decided to add both Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels to the list. So he went on to making the remake. Adding a storyline to it, and making it have more world themes then just grassland and snow land.

Everytime he was done with a world in Remastered Super Mario Bros., he would do a World 9 level of Arc 1 of Super Apoplexy World, until it reached World 9-8.

Then came World 9 of Remastered Super Mario Bros. he decided to include all the letter worlds into one. A, B, C, and D. And he went on, to making World 9-1 to World 9-16. It was quite easy, and it was known to be the best remake of SMB and SMB2:TLL to date.

After that, he took a rest from making levels, and went on to rating levels. Until October 26th.

When he made the first level of Arc 2, it was very well received, and everyone were happy to know, that was back in action to make levels. And he started to make one of the most famous series on Pouetpu-Games. Arc 2 of Super Apoplexy World.

To date, he has over 100 F/Fs, and over 1900+ rates/reviews along with 190+ levels.

Friends and Allies Edit