Koopa Troop

Loyal To:

King Bowser Koopa





Average Smarts:

Varies between species

Military Rank:

Calvary, sometimes sargents

Favorite Color:


First appearance:

Super Mario Bros.

Latest Appearance:

Super Mario 3D World

Koopas are a Turtle-like species in the Mushroom World, who take commands from the evil King Bowser Koopa. These enemies originated from Dinosaur land, but can be found all over the Mushroom World.


Koopas originated from Dinosaur Land, alongside with Rexes and Yoshis. Some time or another, the Koopas were introduced to a new baby king named Bowser, who was raised by Kamek. Bowser grew up, and ruled over the Koopas. The Koopas, glad to have a ruler, eventually took the order from their king to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Bros. - PresentEdit

When the Koopas got to the Mushroom Kingdom and started taking over, the only ones who pleeded for allegence where the Goombas. Sided with the Goombas, they also brought along Pirahna Plants to help bite the Toads and clog up pipes. Soon, the Koopas carried away the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and took her, and 7 other Mushroom Retainers to 8 different castles around the Mushroom Kingdom.

Eventually, two plumbers by the names of Mario and Luigi came and stopped the Koopa Forces, destoying every single castle, and rescuing the Retainers and the beloved Princess. The koopas felt defeated, but where convinced by Bowser that they should keep trying until they could finally succeed.

To this day, the Koopas still work with Bowser to help with his evil plots.


  • Green: The Normal varaity. These types of Koopas fall off of cliffs. They als grow wings some times.
  • Red: Like Green, except they don't fall off cliffs.
  • Spinies: Have a red shell. Also have spikes, and fall off cliffs. Cannot be stomped on.
  • Buzzy Beatles: Have a big blue shell, and are like spinies, but don't have spikes. They are also Fire Ball resistant.
  • Hammer Bros.: Bowser's favorite artilery. These can throw hammers, fire, ice, ect.
  • Lakitu: Throws spiny eggs, which with hatch open spinies. Also ride on clouds.