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JJ7 (also known as jjkkddoo7 which was his profile name on Pouetpu Games before he changed it) is a fairly known user on Pouetpu Games. He made his account in early 2012, and he has over 150 astounding levels and almost 2500 rates. He has almost 200 F/Fs.

Besides being known as the SMF1 GOD, JJ7 has turned around and started to get better at SMF2 in hopes of being nominated into PG AWARDS 2015.

History Edit

2012 Days Edit

In 2012, JJ7 started his level making career, and Wolfforthewin joined him a half a year later. All of JJ7's earlier levels weren't that "great" however. He wasn't always that good at making levels.

2013 Days Edit

It was until summer of 2013 when he learned about scenery and originality and then creative and beautiful levels struck. He made many levels like ♛T H E R U S H♛, a tag with Brendant98, and much more levels that some people say were the best levels he has ever made.

In August, 2013, he posted his 100th Level Special, featuring Wolfforthewin, CannedBreadz, and LarioSonicWJT. That level itself got 50 views! In December 2013, he posted his 100th level for 2013 itself.

2014 Days Edit

In the first half of 2014, JJ7 was inactive for the time being. Once mid July came, he returned to making levels which were better than before. He made some of the most well known tags between him and Wolfforthewin, and a well known tag with Zeldamaster12. He also made a level that was 20,000x long called FINAL DESTINATION. That level didn't rise to it's expected fame, but it was still a great level.

In December, JJ7 posted a Christmas tag level with Wolfforthewin. That tag level is the last JJ7-Wolfforthewin tag to date.

2015 Days (Present) Edit

In the first half of 2015, JJ7 was once again inactive until mid June 2015 when he came back with another level hoping to make a megatag with 11 users total, but he cancelled it due to many people cancelling on him. In August 2015, he announced he was going to quit Pouetpu by posting 2 last levels, but changed his mind and he is now over 150 levels and currently in a series.

Activity Edit

JJ7 has recently been hacked and cancelled his series SMW Hacked Edition. He is still making levels but is not making a series.

Famous & Best Levels Edit

2012: Flip Flop Tops [1]

2013: Orpha Land (JJ7's first level that had 100% ratings) [2]

2013: ♛T H E R U S H♛[3]

2013: Fleeing (Brendant98 Tag)[4]

2013: Blue Yoshi's First Steps [5]

2013: ♛♛Red KOOPA Castle♛♛ [6]

2013: Flip Flop Tops 2 [7]

2013: My 100th Level Special [8]

2013: Spirit House (Tag With Wolfforthewin) [9]

2013: The Back To School Tag With Endgame [10]

2013: Ancient Temple (Wolfforthewin Tag) [11]

2013: Caverns of Hyrule (Tag with Zeldamaster12) [12]

2013: New Dawn (One of My Personal Favorites) [13]

2013: The Pond Peaks (Another Personal Favorite) [14]

2014 (2013): RM- Cave of Doom [15]

2014: FINAL DESTINATION (20000x level) [16]

2014: Cryogenic Christmas Special (Latest Tag With Wolfforthewin) [17]

2015: So Long Live Atlantis [18]

Trivia Edit

  • He has won three level contests, and hosted three level contests.
  • He has tried to host two megatags, both sadly failed.
  • He likes to play football, baseball, and hanging out with friends in real life.
  • He is a die-heart Detroit Lions fan.
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