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Bowser's Koopa Troop, Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants

Loyal to:

King Koopa (Bowser), Princess Peach (rarely).




Mostly Bad

Average Smarts:

Stupid (Falls of cliffs for no reason)

Military Rank:

Calvary or minion

Favorite Color:

Has none. It only sees black and white!

First Appearance:

Super Mario Bros.

Latest Appearance:

Super Mario 3D World

Goombas are extremelly squishy enemies that run into you. They have appeared in most Mario Games. They require jumping on them, fire flowers, or running into them with a starman. They are the most easiest enemies to get rid off.


A long time ago, Goombas inhabited the Mushroom Kingdom alongside the Toads. However, when Bowser threatened to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, the Goombas betrayed the Toads and imprisoned them.

Super Mario Bros. - PresentEdit

As Bowser was taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi came along and stomped on the Goombas along the way to find the King of the Koopas. Once they defeated Bowser, some Goombas stayed loyal to Bowser, while the others lived in small Goomba towns, resided from sociaty because of their species betraying the Toads.

Goombas helped Bowser countless times kidnapp the Princess, in which multiple times, the plans were foiled by Mario and his brother Luigi.


  • Walk: They just walk toward you, to hurt you.
  • Get up: Common with Goombobs. After a while, they get up after knocking them down.
  • Ramming: In 3D Mario games, they usually run into you.

Types of GoombasEdit

  • Goombas: Regular Goombas, that go and ram into you. Are stupid, so they fall of cliffs.
  • Red Goombas: Not really much of a difference, except when they have wings, they flutter a little bit.
  • Galoombas: Don't get squished, just knocked upside down. Get up unexpectantly, so watch out when picking them up!

Super Mario FlashEdit

  • Super Mario Flash: Brown Goombas and Blue Goombas, that fall of cliffs.
  • Super Mario Flash 2: The Galoomba varaity.