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09dhowell (now known as Dannyh09) was the only global moderator of Pouetpu-games and was recognized as being one of the best level-maker's and reviewer on the site. His main job used to consist of assuring the security of Pouetpu-Games along with the other moderators. 09dhowell was above most moderators as he could change statuses, promote & demote users in addition to all the powers moderators have.

This user was also known nowadays for making his critically acclaimed series "Super Mario World Resurrected 2", on which all levels gets more than 30 votes from famous to new users and all of his levels being constantly put in the best category and rarely in the good category.

History Edit

Global Moderator rights Edit

In 2013, the creator of Pouetpu-games (Pouetpu) became less active and needed someone to admin the site during his hiatus. Numerous users suggsted themselves, including 09dhowell. After thinking seriously about it, he finally made a choice and promoted 09dhowell as mod, recognizing his effort at trying to help users.

When 09dhowell was promoted, it caused a lot of controversy, making users to rage at 09 and Pouetpu. However, a few months later, they recognized 09 as the best option for Moderator rights. 09 has turned out to be a great Global Moderator for PG.

2014 PG Awards Edit

Near the end of 2014, 09dhowell worked to establish the 2014 PG Awards, which contained 9 categories, including "Best Classic Level Creator" and "Best Profile". Several users were nominated for each category, and towards the end of December, the entire PG community was able to vote live on 09's profile. Each nominee earned a silver trophy, while all winners received a gold trophy.

Daniel09h Edit

Now 09dhowell's new status and user name suggest he is no longer a global moderator.

Trivia: Edit

  • 09 is the first Moderator of PG.
  • He was the only Global Moderator.
  • He along with Popthatcorn14 are notably for having the most badges on Pouetpu.
  • 09dhowell is notable for currently having the largest amount of f/fs on Pouetpu surpassing Pouetpu himself.
  • Contrary to popular belief, only 09 can change statuses and names. No other moderator has this ability.
  • One of his levels from the "Super Mario World Resurrected 2" series got to the good section when one user ("I love murdering puppies") gave a 1/10 explaining that 09 is a hacker because he posted the level during Intensive Rating (an ability Global Moderators have.).
  • 09 could and promote Moderators like Pop and Mario Blight.
  • 09 could use HTML in the comments. No other user has this ability, Pouetpu added this in just for 09 to use.