яєℓєитℓєѕѕ is a famous hold series by 09dhowell made up of a hold right and hold down posted in 2013, and a level made up of three holds posted in 2014. Each level has over 100 votes and very positive reviews.

яєℓєитℓєѕѕ- HOLD RIGHT was the first level in the series, which currently has over 170 votes and an average of 99%, with hardly any scores below 10. The level was posted on SMFE as well, on which it never got enough rates to escape the pending section. It got 6.8/10 from level rater Sexypants, who called it an 'average hold level'.

яєℓєитℓєѕѕ II - HOLD DOWN, also posted in 2013, currently has 120 votes on PG and although most of the rates were still 10s, it received more lower scores than the original. It currently has 94% due to a 127 rate which gltiched the score. On SMFE, the level is in good levels, with rates of 7.1/10 from Sexypants and 7/10 from Zeldamaster12, who is also a level rater.

яєℓєитℓєѕѕ III - The Cavern of HOLD, posted in 2014, has over 200 votes and 99%. It is the highest rated level of the series.